On its functional field, it can be used as a guide for people with lack of vision. To achieve this, it uses 2 sensors that recognize the height and width of the objects and 4 vibrators that alert the wearer. Objects with a height until 1,20m will be triggered 1 bottom vibrator, for larger height will be triggered bottom and top vibrators. If the width is more than 1 m and the height until 1,20m will be triggered 2 bottom vibrators. And for objects with height larger than 1,20m and width is more than 1m will be triggered 4 vibrators. The design of the tiles parts in combination with the rubber lining aid in transferring the vibration from the four edges of the backpack to the center. This unique backpack with its “minimal” design that was based on mathematical representation of triangulation and its charming surface, is the ideal product for people who lack of vision (as it helps them enjoy their walk), people who lead an intense life by doing extreme sports (as it ensures the integrity
RTF reference

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