June 2018
# Creation of the new logo destothetika
A quick presentation of the page #destothetika : "A page unconventional, against the data and stereotypes of the time. The goal is to inspire people to see life a little bit more positive. Communicate messages of optimism and positive energy in a world that is day by night with negative emotions. A page that aims to unite all the world that thinks and believes the good wins in the end. A page inspired by a phrase by a great Greek of Nikos Kazatzakis: "A Lightning Is Life, But We Prepare"!"

I designed the new logo of the destothetika with main mentor Dimitris Savvidis in order to mirroring the vision of the destothetika on the logo. 
The main guiding idea of my design was to make a logo with colors of the love and happiness and aroma of Greece.
You can also check the website of the #destothetika:

And here is the presentation of the logo:
August 2018 
# Results Announced: First Award 2018 for the Backpack KEVDIA ( Hybrid Design Studio)
Rethinking the Future has announced the Results for Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018 and we are pleased to inform that my project BACKPACK KEVDIA has received the First Award in Global Architecture & Design Awards. Their reputed jury members were overwhelmed to see such a wide range of projects featuring design innovations and intelligence from across the world. Project KEVDIA Backpack is one of the Winners from 748 Registrations we received this year, which is truly commendable.

You can also check the results on the website of Rethinking the Future.

Project KEVDIA Backpack will also be shared on our RTF Official Facebook Page:

Project KEVDIA Backpack is part of RTF’s extensive PR campaign, Press Releases are being used by more than hundred Media Partners including Design blogs and architectural magazines from all around the world. Just to mention few, kindly find the following links:

June 2018
# Establishment of the Hybrid Design Studio with my friend, mentor and partner Manos Maganiaris

What we Do & Our Story
Our Design Philosophy
We never lose sight of our supporting role.
After 10 years and many successful projects, we have learned a few lessons about new product design.
They guide how we engage with you.
We recognize that it is your idea, your product, your patents, and your awards. We provide critical guidance and creative energy, we sweat the details, and we drive your project forward every way we can. We feed our egos with your success.
A variety of very talented people must work closely together. Great product design begins with a Great Team
Effective communication is critical. That's why our process is centred on close collaboration with you and your team. That's also why we invest in the best tools for communicating remotely and presenting design concepts.
The right process yields better design and reduces risk. Our Lean Product Design Process has been refined over many projects. It is based on rapid iterations that produce concrete ideas and tangible prototypes that can be viewed, assessed, tested, and refined.
The latest tools save time and money. We invest in the most sophisticated tools for design, product visualization, engineering analysis, and prototyping.

Our History
In our 10 years we have successfully completed many projects for companies and individuals around the world.
Mike Dimou Sakarakis & Manos Maganiaris, Combining the knowledge of a 10 year journey through hard work and product development , decided that they (we) do it better together.
So the Hybrid Studio was Born
We enjoy designing simple but compelling products, and we excel at developing the most technically challenging products for both indoor and extreme outdoor environments. We have unmatched expertise and tools to tackle tricky thermal, stress, motion, safety, and materials problems.
Based in Athens, Greece we serve clients located around the world, and the products that we have helped them launch are used, or will be used, by billions of people.
Our Team
Our in-house team includes exceptional industrial design artists, professional engineers, certified project managers, prototype technicians, patent analysts, and new product introduction specialists.
We also have strong working relationships with the best prototype fabricators, patent attorneys, marketing specialists, startup business lawyers, contract manufacturers, and more.
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